Email Marketing

emailEmail marketing has proven itself time and time again as one of the most effective forms of marketing online and offline. The problem is many businesses get it so so wrong.

These days it has become increasingly difficult to make sure your message is getting through, let alone getting opened by your customer or prospect.

An email marketing solution by Department Marketing addresses the following:

  • Deliverability (no point emailing your customers when the messages don’t even make it to their inbox)
  • Open rates (we’ll show you how to setup your emails to ensure the highest open rates possible)
  • Automation (having people subscribe to your email list, update their info, or unsubscribe will be so easy… in fact you won’t have to lift a finger.
  • Customisation (using an email solution we provide, you can effortlessly customise each email to each of your recipients…automatically)
  • Optimisation (we can show you how to test and track your emails, so you can see what is or isn;t working, and where you can make improvements.

Get in touch with us on the contact page to see how we can an email marketing solution working for your business.

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