Google Adwords Management


We can setup a Google Adwords to drive hot qualified visitors to your site, that have a very high chance of converting into prospects and customers. Involved in our Google Adwords service is the following…

Initial Campaign Setup

  • Keyword research to identify the best keywords, phrases and terms to target in your campaign.
  • Building keywords into highly targeted relevant ad groups.
  • Building multiple split tested ads for each ad group.
  • Landing page consultation to help you achieve highest conversion when visitors visit your site.
  • Keyword management to cut the losers and ride the winner.

Initial Setup $1497

Monthly Adwords Management

After we have setup your campaign and built the ground work for a flood of unique visitors to your site, it is important to tweak, optimize and keep the campaign running smoothly. For this we offer our ongoing Adwords Management service. This includes the following:

  • Optimizing bid prices to keep you in the best position for maximum exposure and return on investment.
  • Refining keywords by culling underperforming keywords, discovering new keywords, and bid adjustments to make otherwise unprofitable keywords now profitable.
  • Writing new ads for each ad group, to further improve click-through-rate, quality score, and to increase overall traffic.

Ongoing monthly management: $497

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